Monday, January 31, 2011

Pheww~~~: ))

the delsian : ))

anisah,me and ana~~~

dels's 2 girls...

makan time : ))

Finally new post after staying hiatus for sometimes…well,it seems like the semester is coming to an end soon. Frankly speaking,I’m kinda glad that it’s about to be over,but this semester is kinda different compared to last semester as I’m feeling a little bit sad when it comes to the thought that I have to leave my friends….T-T…we had went through a lot of things that had made us united and possessed even a stronger bond after all. Since the beginning of the semester,there are a lot of controversies that had been surrounded us, but luckily all of us still being able to keep ourselves in control and managed to put those controversies apart. Despite the fact that we kept on being pushed from the beginning till the end and a lot of people who non-stop trying to bring us down, we stayed strong and able to just pushed all those obstacle that might tear us apart as far as we could, because all of us believed, when people are trying to bring you down, that means that we are above them….: )) on today’s classes which were the last classes of the semester, both of the lecturer, mr.hasrol and mdm. Suzie had gave their last speech and seriously,it’s kinda sad….i don’t know why,but it is sad…plus, DELS’s gala dinner was awesome despite the things that a few times had spoilt our mood on participating it. The seniors were very cool on that night especially DELS’s 4 senior…YOU GUYS ROCK ON THAT NIGHT~~~!!!! The main objective of the dinner is to bridge the gap between the seniors and the juniors,and definitely it had seek the target~!! All of us enjoyed the dinner and even mr hasrol told us that he enjoyed it very much~~ : )) really looking forward for the next activity that DELS Club would conduct on the next semester….