Sunday, July 18, 2010


life as a may be awful for some people, but as for me so far, it's such a great experience. i have to admit that at first i was worried if i might get bullied by the seniors and so on , but none of it had happened to me so far. i'm kinda lucky having such a cheerful, chaotic yet bubly roomate and housemates. kak saidah,kak shaz, acot, yana and rini, although we never met and know each other before this, we had become a family at the very first moment we first met each other. it's great for a person like me who basically had no elder sister and the eldest back home, suddenly own 5 big sisters at once. hahahaha..yeah2,it's the fact that i was born on october the 18th, i had become the youngest a.k.a maknae in this house!! at first, it was kinda awkward as i don't know how to interact with them, but after having a long nice talk with them one night, i do know how to interact with them and how to be around them at last...what a lousy girl i am????!!!!,let's move on to another thing that i had went through and still going through as a DELS student. have you heard of things like anglo-saxon,wessex,beowulf and etc. seriously, i never heard of these things before and frankly speaking, even if i heard about these things before, i wouldn't be interested to know more about it ( except if someone offering me a lot of money if i know something about this thing ) : p but this is the truth that i have to as a DELS student. i used to be a student who hated history ( no matter what history it's all about except for the history of my favourite korean boyband ). once i'm here,i have to face double dose of histories.hahahahaha.....i have to bear the history of malaysia and also history of english language when i was first informed about this, i was like what on earth is this thing is all about, but after i had met the lecturer and be in the class for almost 2 months, i have to confess that my dear family,friends and whoever read this, i'm a history lover!!!!!! a big shout-out to the bubly madam nujaidah who had made me a die-hard fan of the history of english.... : p


  1. wow~suma english..i'm so proud of u la..dlu km pn takut gak coz da mcm2 kes senior buli junior overall ok n best jd maknae r x??any experience??hmp mnat history...wah~~swuh mdm tu ajaq km history nk jd history lover gak..nnt km kna bljq history islam lak..x tau r cmn..nnt update lg tau ur story..luv to hear anything from u..;)

  2. dlm klas madam ni,dia dh haramkn km smua ckp melayu...pa2 smua kna gna english. best x jd maknae?? sbnaqnya x qasa pa2 pun...hihihihihi...yeah,she made me a history lover!!! history of islam??
    next sem kot klau x slah km kna blajaq + arab pun kna gak... : ))

  3. history in eng...dia da gna term2 khas yg plik x??hmp x pa r terer nnt dlm arab tkut x da kakak??t hmp bljq sma cam km r cuma km myb lg mndlm kot

  4. bkn term2 khas,tp nma org putih dulu2 y smmgnya plik2 n bbelit2 lidah nk sbut...nk wat cena,dh nma pun pngajian islam bteraskan wahyu,kena la blajaq dlm pun next sem nk kna bjumpa balik ngan sub 'kgemaran' km; BAHASA ARAB.....

  5. hahha...dlu bljq sajak word zaman portugis dlu pn brbelit2...tu r kna r bhs arab...pning eden..wah~~sub kegemarn rmai tu..hehhee...say hello to bhs arab yer..

  6. helloo bleh la...
    tp rsanya mayb x ssah sgt kot..
    mayb x smpai level B.A.T pun kot..
    sbb ada jgak y x dk basic arab..
    klau blajaq y mcm B.A.T jgak,alamatnya 'lawa' la rsult km next sem..

  7. hmm...myb r...kt cni pn utk coz len dr ba n irk (my beloved cos) hehe..suma depa just nk bg da asas ni yg pning..bljq lbih dr BAT dh..tggi lvel tggi sgt smpai gayat dh...ghah blh nya..hehe

  8. bleh la sgt...bleh blah bleh la kot..
    ala,mpa msti lg ok pnya,bkal ustazah ni..B.A pun kn mpa terer g pd km~~

  9. hahaha...jgn bleh blah....mmbeli belah best gak..ustzh ek...tkut km dngq km bakal ustzh....mcm x brp layak jer..huhuu...dlu mmg r...skrg ni km rsa otak makin lembab jer...ntah r...mcm x brp nk jalan mcm dlu rsa myb x kira2 mate dh kot...dlu mate bg otak km jlan...