Wednesday, July 21, 2010


after weeks of struggling with exam papers, atlast, IT'S OVER!!!!!!! hahahahahaha..... what a relieve. although mid term is over, another thing which is bigger would be faced by me in less than a month, it is no other than the FINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! actually, i got mix feelings regarding facing the final. i'm excited and at the same time i'm nervous.....the reason why i'm excited would be it means that as soon as final is over, i'm going home, back to the place where i belong, where your love is always been enough for me~~~ ( suddenly daughtry's home popped up in my mind...heheheheheh... : P) but at the same time, i'm nervous as this would be the first i would be facing final still as a student but at a higher level and believe me, the level of intensity is even more high than what i had faced before this in school. so, as the result of knowing that the intensity is way higher then before, i had started doing a little bit of revision ( when i mentioned "a little bit", it really means a little....hehehehehehe). i think i miss aloq staq very badly these days. there is something that could prove to you how bad i miss my bloody hometown. last 2 days, i was browsing the net when suddenly the idea of visiting air asia's website to survey availability of the plane ticket on teh 3rd of september as i'm sure that i'll be able to go home by that particular date, suddenly crossed my mind and guess what, i almost click the 'book' button!!!'s too obvious that i can't wait to go home. anyway, history of english rock!!!!!!!! the question that was given this morning to me was not that difficult as what i had expected earlier on. if only i emphasised more on the latin words that had been borrowed into english, i'm sure that i had been able to anwser all the question with such a peace of mind....but there's nothing more that i could have done now, except for praying to Allah that i'll be able to pass the paper.....huhuhuhuhuhuhu : p


  1. esk km still da exm.....esk last paper....can't wait la...sebbek 2 paper ja..kmrin b.a n esk x bca pa pn lg...u know kn km ni jns bca last minute..hehehe...3 sptmber blik dh????kejamnya nk tggai km kt cni...huhuhuhu T_T km time tu still da kls lg...aftr this still sbuk g coz nk da quiz, essay, report, survey, pamplet, presentation...argghhhhhh...pnat dok pikiaq..pray 4 me gak ek...

  2. insyaallah...let's pray for each other,ok??
    : )

  3. ok...hehehe...x blik ek posa ni??

  4. nmpk gayanya mcm 2 la...
    tp x pa,dh x smpai sbln lg dh nk blik ni!!!!
    : )))

  5. best la bln 10 bru hbs final...huhuhuhu...