Monday, July 19, 2010

WHAT A DAY.......

shinee's latest album had been released today!!! it's such a good news for me and also the rest of shinee world....but today, everything that i've done was such in vain. since i woke up this morning until at the very particular moment where i'm sitting in front of my laptop and updating my blog, everything is in vain!!! it all started this morning this morning when my friend yana was on our way to the national language class and we are only several steps away from the class where suddenly another friend of mine, shifaa, had approach us and told us that the class was cancelled...WHAT???!!! why didn't someone sms me earlier on?? it takes such a huge courage to get up from my heaven-like yet comfy bed, had such a cold bath and dressed up just to go the class you know!!!! nevermine.......move on to another thing that had happened to me on my bad 'hair' day was that i had to cope with the antique of a senior of mine. i don't know what's wrong with her today, but the way she talked to me this morning as if i had just commit a sin for not being able to to get the approval letter from the JPM for the program that we would conduct this weekend. HELLOOOO....please remember that you are my senior and you are supposed to teach me how to do all of these things and not just putting the blame on me!!!!!!!!!!! besides, she even doesn't know how to be punctual and show her junior some good attitudes. we had promised that we are going to meet at the mosque during maghrib so that i can show her the work that she asked me to do it before hand. i had clearly stated that we are going to meet during maghrib, but sadly she didn't showed up and because i got class at 8, i just went to the class without informing her anything. she arrived during isya' and keep on calling me so that i could meet her at that very particular time. i had told you sis, I GOT CLASS AT 8 TILL 10PM TODAY!!!!!! and now, another bad thing is currently happening to me, i got gastric pain as the result of not having a proper meal while breaking fast this evening....huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu. hopefully tomorrow would be a better day for me and others to... : p


  1. a very2 good news shinee dh wat comeback!!tp until now km x dngq2 lg lagu diorng....keja bnyk..myb next week after exm km dngq..dh 2 mlm n myb mlm ni km akan tdq lmbt dkat kui 3 pg...mmg ngantuk dlm ass x siap2 g..buku x bca g...arghhhh...tensen2..sapa senior tu??ckp skit kt dia jgn dok tnjuk eksyen sgt..mentang2 lak cam lbih2...hope tomorrow would be a better day 4 everyone...;)

  2. ya ka....kcian mpa. km dh jd ketagih kot dok dgq lagu dpa ni,hehehehehehe. la....x abis2 lg ka assignent mpa y 2?? awat y lma sgt?? x leh r nk gtau nma senior 2 kt cni,mna nk p tau dia tbaca ka blog km ni,klua mention nma dia n dia pqasan,bleh jadi the 3rd world war plak nnti...

  3. ass dh siap n dh hntq!!lega giler...klmarin km g hntq...ari rabu aritu km tdq kui 5 pg smpai 7 ja!!!kui 8 da kls lak amik syif...kui 2-4 rmziah n kwn km sorg tu...kui 4-6 kwn km sorg g tdq kui 5-7 turn km tdq best coz kui 5 tu bqu km qsa ngantuk..esk tu g tnjuk kt madam n madam kta very giler..brbaloi km tdq lmbt..hahaha...klu 3rd world war dsyt r...takowt dngaq hmp cita senior gnas n poyo smcm jer...sebbek senior kt cni suma bek2..hehhee

  4. ala~~ dia sorg ja y ganas... y len bek ja pun. dia 2 ja y plik sgt3,PMS tiap2 ari,tiap2 jam...
    : p